The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap will enable you to control the flea situation in your house without having to resort to using harmful chemicals. It utilizes a combination of heat, light, and a sweet odor to lure fleas in that will become stuck to the trap.

It boasts a 93% catch rate and can attract fleas in carpet and upholstery from up to 30 feet away. It comes fully assembled and ready to use so that you can start controlling the flea situation in your house as soon as possible.

The Negative Reviews

The majority of the reviews given for the Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap have been favorable, but the product has also received a few criticisms that we will now discuss.

One thing to be aware of before purchasing the flea trap is that it only kills adult fleas. The product is ineffective in controlling flea larvae or eggs because it relies on the flea to actively approach the trap. For this reason, we recommend using this trap in conjunction with other flea control measures such as Frontline.

The Positive Reviews

The Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap has received a lot of positive reviews from its customers and generally there is a great sense of customer satisfaction to be gleaned from the feedback.

The aspect of the product that has pleased the reviewers the most is how well it works. A lot of the reviewers approached this product with initial skepticism having tried sprays, boric acid, and vacuuming, and have ultimately been pleasantly surprised by how effective this trap is for controlling fleas.

Customers have reported that fleas are drawn to the trap very quickly and have noticed results within half an hour. Other aspects of the product that customers have expressed their appreciation for include its safe nature (being pesticide free), that it is affordable, and that it is easy to set up.


If you are looking for any easy-to-use, affordable, and effective measure to control fleas in your house then we encourage you to consider investing in this product.

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