As we explained on the page about getting rid of fleas in your home, flea sprays can be very effective in killing adult fleas, as well as eggs and larva. In fact, in many cases it’s preferable to use an area spray, as opposed to flea bombs that you set off in a room and then leave.

A lot of times, the flea infestation is concentrated in certain areas, such as the carpets around where your pet sleeps, in and under furniture, and in the corners and along the edges of rooms. Applying a spray directly to these areas, combined with intensive vacuuming, can be the most effective way to kill fleas, eggs and larva.

But, as we’ve also explained several times on other pages, it’s critical that you use a spray that contains and insect growth regulator (IGR) that will actually kill those eggs and larva. In order to ensure you get the right product, stick to sprays that specifically mention fleas and state that they contain an IGR.

Don’t bother with a can of Raid from the hardware store. You’ll most likely just kill some adults, smell up your house a bit, and be right back where you started a week later.

The following are some of the most popular and effective sprays made specifically for fleas. Each of them contains an insect growth regulator so you can be assured they will kill eggs and larva as well.

Before you use any of these sprays on your pet, be sure to check the label to make sure it’s safe to do so. And, you’re probably better off using one of the topical or oral treatments outlined in our page about getting rid of fleas on your pets.

Ovitrol Plus Flea comes in a 16oz pump spray bottle and kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and flies. It also contains the Precor insect growth regulator and will kill eggs and larva for up to two months. It can also be used on dogs and cats, as well as kittens and puppies over 12 weeks of age. The customer reviews on are quite positive and suggest it’s very effective for a wide range of applications.

Ultracide Flea Tick Professional is another very popular and effective flea control aerosol that kills adult fleas very quickly, so quickly in fact that users often find them scattered around on the floor after spraying. Ultracide contains the IGR Nylar, so it will kill eggs and larva as well. A single can will treat over 2000 square feet, so it will go a long way in your home.

Virbac Knockout ES Area Treatment is also a very good flea spray that contains an insect growth regulator to kill eggs and larva. It will kill active adult fleas and prevent re-infestation for up to seven months. It will also cover up to 2100 square feet.

Siphotrol Plus II (Premise Spray) is another very effective area spray that will kill 100% of adult fleas within ten minutes. It also has what the manufacturer claims is a “carpet-penetrating formula,” which could be very effective if you have an infestation in your carpets. It will treat 2000 square feet, and prevent reinfestation for 30 weeks.

So, give these flea sprays a try when treating your home for fleas, but be sure not to sure them on your pet unless the label specifically states it’s okay to do so. Also, focus the spray on the areas that are most likely to be infested, e.g. where your pet sleeps or frequents, carpets, the corners and edges or rooms, furniture, etc.

These sprays should be pretty effective in relatively small doses, so don’t feel like you need to empty the whole can in one room right off the bat.

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