Gardens are dynamic environments subject to permanent changes and modifications, whether they are adaptations, improvements, implementations of elements or functionalities etc… our gardens are permanently in a process of adaptation and improvement – Ronniy Collins Blog.

But there always comes a time when an arrangement here, an improvement there, that moment when it becomes necessary to undertake a comprehensive reform of our garden.

What does a complete reform of our garden mean?

The reasons can be very varied, from the purchase of the house by new owners, because we want to give a new use to our garden or simply by the significant deterioration of many elements that make it up.

We must not forget that a garden and its components, swimming pools, irrigation systems, fountains and / or ponds, gardens etc…. are permanently subjected to the weather and the wear and tear that they cause.

Despite all this, we always find it difficult to undertake the comprehensive reform of our garden, and is that carrying out the same means much more than changing its appearance or appearance, involves among other things, define a new design, a new planning of functionality and efficient management of space, as well as the elements that make up and integrate, irrigation systems, lighting, drainage elements, etc …

So it is normal that this scares us … but the final result always comes to reward us for the effort made.

What should we take into consideration when reforming our garden?

We could start to evaluate the elementary phases of a comprehensive reform of a garden, but we are going to leave that for future posts.

What we are going to point out is those three essential aspects that we must take into consideration when we are going to carry out a comprehensive reform of our garden

What budget do we have for the reform of our garden?
As obvious as it may seem, planning our family economy and knowing or determining what budget we can devote to the reform of our garden is essential. The budget will vary significantly depending on certain variables, for example the extent of the garden, its terrain, the elements that will integrate etc. … So it is essential to start by hiring a garden designer or landscaper, who will execute a plan of reform or garden design where all the essential is specified in it and help us focus a tight budget. This way we will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Uses that we are going to give to our garden
Knowing what future uses we will give to our garden is essential to carry out the design of it and from this initial design to draw a planing reform and execution timing. (And of course the costs of it).

How much time will we spend on our garden?
A question that is usually not asked and can be very productive for the future of our garden and our enjoyment of it. What time will we spend on our garden? Because if we do not have time and always want a perfect garden, we must plan the reform of it with a view to a garden of low maintenance and high passive features integrated into it. If on the contrary you are one of those people who love to interact daily with your garden and also have time for it, the design and structure of it can vary diametrically integral reform of our garden.

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