If you have a dog, it is very likely that they will get fleas.

While most adult fleas live on animals lay their eggs in a dog’s environment. If your dog is indoors, there’s a good chance that they will include fleas into your house. As a result, your house become a breeding ground for fleas. Once the eggs have hatched, they develop into larvae and pupae before becoming adult fleas. When you aim to eliminate fleas and flea infestation, use products that will remove the eggs, larvae and pupae, and not only the adult fleas. Otherwise you can sit back with a recurring problem with fleas and flea infestation.

How do fleas become a problem in your house

Flea bites and bites from fleas is unpleasant, even for adults. Once bitten, small red dots appear on the skin and be itchy. Children and babies can become distressed if they are affected by flea bites. Most times, is transmitted by fleas dog as dogs and cats. If appropriate preventive measures are not taken, adult fleas lay their eggs in carpets, soft furnishings and bedding, and you may find yourself with an attack.

What should you do to eliminate fleas and flea infestations

If you find fleas on your dog or in your house then one of your first step is to bathe your dog in flea shampoo products and fit them with flea collars. Shampoo is very effective to kill fleas and young adult fleas and helps protect your dog from getting new fleas from outside.

The next step is to vacuum your house thoroughly to get rid of fleas. Be especially careful to lift and vacuum under rugs, furniture, curtains and draperies, and especially in corners and around your dog litter. Studies show that proper and regular vacuuming can remove at least half of the flea eggs in carpets and other furnishings. In areas where your dog is often you should vacuum daily; in other areas, once a week should be sufficient. When finished, empty your vacuum bag in a separate plastic package and tie the package closed. Discard bag in an outdoor trash can immediately.

Once you have vacuumed, you must treat your house with a product that will get rid of the remaining eggs and larvae. These come in the form of sprays, carpet powders. Spray is very effective for larger rooms and more serious attacks such as smoke reach under furniture and cracks that you might not be able to get into something else. Choose a time when the area will be available for processing in space. Ensure that all plants and dogs, including birds and fish are removed from the room before treatment against fleas. Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to ventilate the area after treatment before moving dog and plants back in the room who was suffering from fleas.

Wash your pet’s dog basket or sleeping place and spray or sprinkle it with flea powder when it dries. Separate washing and ironing all curtains or linens that you think may be affected. If you regularly drive your dog to the beach or park for a walk, so be sure to clean out your car too, as can easily hide fleas here. Use the same process of vacuuming, spraying and ventilation to ensure that you remove any attacks from fleas.

Things to consider when deciding what type of product to use against fleas

When dealing with fleas and flea infestation, you will want a product that eliminates adult fleas, eggs and larvae. There are two elements you should look for in flea treatment products. A good product should contain an insect growth regulator (IGR) and the adulticide. Examples include methoprene or pyriproxyfen.

The severity of your flea infestation can determine whether you use a spray, powder or otherwise. Spray and powder are sufficient for smaller attacks that are limited to a portion of a room or husme. For larger areas, it would be more cost effective to use another flea extermination.

Professional extermination of fleas

Obviously, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and call in a professional pest removal company to handle attacks. If it is particularly severe, this may actually be the best solution. Professional pest control has a variety of methods they use, and some also environmentally friendly cleaning options. If you have small children and sensitive dog or animals such as birds, this may be a safer method. A professional company will ensure that the area has been completed cleared and cleaned after the process. This eliminates the risk of debris that can stand behind the use of sprays, and thereby minimize the risk of coming pests or fleas again.

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