The Environmental Protection Agency recently warned consumers about purchasing flea counterfeit flea control products. With the onset of flea and tick season, buyers need to beware of purchasing counterfeit and ineffective flea treatments.

The EPA has published a four-page pamphlet and Q&A which explains how to identify illegitimate products, and which types of products are most likely to be affected. Some of the most commonly counterfeited flea control products are the ever-popular Frontline and Advantage.

Here are some examples of what to look for when buying Frontline and Advantage.


  1. The lot number on the box matches the lot number on the individual applicators.
  2. An instruction booklet is included in the box, and includes first-aid information, emergency U.S. telephone numbers, directions for use, and instructions on how to store and dispose of the product.
  3. The applicator vial is child-resistant, and directions for opening are included.


  1. The applicator vials include an EPA Registration number.
  2. Applicator tubes include a reference to the labeling on the box for usage directions, and the manufacturers name (Bayer).
  3. Applicator tubes have an active ingredient statement that matches the ingredient statement on the box.

Counterfeit flea treatments can cause serious health problems for your pet. Please read the EPA warning carefully, and refer to it when purchasing flea treatments, especially Frontline and Advantage.

If you do find yourself in possession of counterfeit products, you can report the violation to the EPA by visiting this environmental violation page. There’s no penalty for purchasing these products, and by reporting violators, you may very well help save somebody’s pet.

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