The question of how to get rid of snakes on the site is of interest to many summer residents. Reptiles can lead to serious and sometimes irreparable consequences. If a poisonous variety has been noticed in the country, do not delay it with its extermination. To do this, there are both chemical preparations and alternative methods.

Why do snakes settle on the site?

Even if you have never seen reptiles in a summer cottage, this does not mean that they will never appear there. If you do not observe safety measures and do not know what can attract creeping reptiles, then an unwanted neighborhood can not be avoided.

The main reasons why snakes populate the site include:

  1.  An abundance of mice and small pests. In the country, snakes prefer to profit from small rodents and insects. If you do not destroy the population of these parasites in time, reptiles can take care of this themselves.
  2. The presence of compost pits collected in a pile of garbage, woodpiles leads to the fact that these places become shelter for reptiles.
  3. Destruction of nearby forests. Forest fires or deforestation forces snakes to seek new habitats with comfortable conditions. Therefore, they can migrate to the nearest site.

To prevent unwanted guests from visiting the cottage, you need to destroy rodents in time, clean up the territory. If snakes still appeared, you need to know how to deal with them correctly.

Disposal methods

At the sight of a snake, many people tend to immediately grab onto a shovel or something that turns up by the arm and strike. This is fundamentally wrong, because not everyone succeeds in killing her in this way. But almost everyone can get a return attack. Moreover, a dexterous and quick reptile is able to instantly bite its offender and cause great harm to his health or even life.

Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with safer and more effective methods of combating reptiles. It is considered the most effective to plant reptiles on a site of a natural enemy or to create conditions unsuitable for life for it.

Sharing a natural enemy

In nature, the snake is not friends with the hedgehog most of all. This cute, prickly animal does not respond to reptile venom and can even destroy them. Therefore, if a creeping creature appeared in the country, everything must be done so that hedgehogs come there. They will not cause harm to the garden, but help to cope with the reptiles.

Unfavourable conditions

Noise and pungent smells also will not please the uninvited guest. If you manually assemble a rattle repeller, for example, from plastic bottles, which will constantly make loud noises, then the reptile will not want to stay in this place.

The same effect can be achieved if the rags soaked in naphthalene, ammonia, mustard solution or diesel fuel are spread out over the household territory.

Unpleasant for creeping is the smell of garlic. If you plant this culture around the perimeter of the site, snakes will not crawl onto it.

Radical measures

If all the previous methods did not cope with their task, and the reptiles settled in the country anyway, then it is time to move on to more stringent methods of struggle:

  1. Call snake fishing professionals. Specialists come to the site and with the help of special equipment they carefully catch reptiles. If you do not carry out the appropriate processing, the bastards will return, and specialists will have to be called again.
  2. To purchase a special repeller, the principle of which is based on the main fears of snakes – noise and vibration. When choosing a device, you need to take into account to combat what type of creeping it will serve. So, a viper cannot be scared by a simple noise. To combat it, it is better to acquire a vibrational model. Install appliances should be in places where snakes can take refuge (garbage heaps, lumberjack).
  3. Apply chemicals. Now the choice of such drugs on the market is great. But the method is not considered the most effective, because it is difficult to feed snakes with such a bait. In addition, for children and pets, poisons pose a great threat.

Whatever method is chosen, when fighting snakes, you should remember that your own safety should be above all.

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