Your dog has fleas; it’s time to consider a flea treatment for home. You’ve been to the pet shop desperately looking for products that will eliminate them, yet all products have, what you feel, are toxic ingredients, and you’re right. Occasionally, commercial remedies could be worse than these fleas themselves. Natural remedies are what you want for the safety of your animal.

None of us wishes to watch our pet suffer with fleas. Not just does your pet suffer, yet so do we. That’s why a flea treatment for home is so important. If your animal possesses fleas, you potentially have them inside your carpeting and who knows where else? Additionally, fleas will bite people. Therefore, eliminate them as naturally as probable using a flea treatment for home so you won’t harm your dog.

The fact stands that not just are commercial remedies harmful to your animal, they also can be harmful to you and the children. Think about your youngster playing with the dog then putting her or his fingers inside his or her mouth or rubbing his or her eyes.

There include many all-natural flea treatment for home remedies, yet the most common flea treatment for home is garlic. Just place some garlic inside the pet’s food, bearing in mind that it has to be completely cooked first, as raw garlic could be toxic to a few pets. Fleas won’t appreciate the smell or taste of the garlic upon your animal’s skin and soon will jump ship to locate an additional home which smells, as well as tastes better.

Causes of Fleas

Before discussing flea treatment for home, according to flea extermination statistics, did you know that if the animal remains at home, it may still obtain fleas? The dog could still obtain fleas particularly if the weather is humid and hot. As fleas are so tiny, they easily can enter via small windows or screens. But, the most popular mode of transmission is via direct contact with additional pets.


How could you tell if your animal is suffering with fleas? It’s simple to notice if a pet is infested with fleas. Firstly, you’ll see your pet scratching, as well as itching. Then, affected skin of the dog might turn reddish, as well as inflamed as a consequence of flea bites, as well as the continuous biting and scratching. Moreover, flea dirt will be evident upon the dog’s skin, upon his sheets and bedding, or within additional spaces in which your animal typically hangs out. Flea dirt appears like tiny dark specks. Flea dirt includes a mix of flea fragments and dried blood.

To examine if the dog has fleas, get the dog’s comb and cautiously run it through his fur. If you catch small black insects finding their way to the back to the dog’s fur, it’s confirmed. The poor animal is, in fact, infested with fleas.

Flea Treatment for Home

Following confirming that your pet has fleas, don’t prolong the pet’s suffering. Do something about the irritating pests. Here include the more common flea treatment for home:

  1. Avon Skin So Soft: According to a study performed at the Florida University in Gainesville, this unique bath oil includes a fantastic flea repellent flea treatment for home. Just bathe the dog in the Avon Skin So Soft solution flea treatment for home. The dog surely will be relieved immediately.
  2. Rosemary: It possesses an anti-inflammatory property. It additionally assists in stimulating hair growth. With frequent biting and scratching, the dog could suffer mild to serious hair loss. Bring back the animal’s natural hair and utilize rosemary consistently as a flea treatment for home.
  3. Brewer’s Yeast: The commercial product isn’t yet proven, but according to most animal owners the product could assist in keeping fleas away and is a good flea treatment for home.

Seeing your animal suffer due to a flea infestation will be extremely heartbreaking. Fleas in canines will be highly common. But, there’s something you could do in order to manage this condition. Follow the above flea treatment for home tips and your animal will be relieved from fleas instantly. If none of the flea treatment for home tips work, consult with a professional flea treatment expert.

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