People have been fighting cockroaches for centuries, so today the market is full of all sorts of goods to destroy them. We have tried many different cockroach remedies and today we are bringing invict gold cockroach gel review to your attention.

Today, the most popular group of products is gel baits, because the mixture of poison and lure works most effectively. Insects gather to eat “food”, eat it (and share it with relatives), and then slowly die. Do not miss death and those cockroaches that eat dead people (yes, they do).

Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait 4 tubes w/ plunger (35 grams per tube)

The active ingredient in the bait is 0.6% Indoxacarb, which attracts and then kills cockroaches. When buying, remember that this chemical has a limited shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture. However, if you have a real problem with pests, the product will not lie on the shelf for so long.

The manufacturer recommends that you leave 0.5 g of gel at a distance of 10 feet from each other. The product is economical: 3-5 of these doses will be enough even for the most insect infested home, and the killing of a small population will require only 1-3 drops of this gel. This poison destroys a dozen different types of pests, including the most common types of cockroaches.

91% of customers claim that this product is effective; therefore, Advion can be safely called the best cockroach killer. Consumers also note that the use of gel 3-4 times a year is sufficient to fully control these mustaches. Most insects die within a week. It is also mentioned that this gel should be placed in places inaccessible to pets and small children. Never leave droplets near food!

The Toomuchstuff user shares his way of making the best use of the product: “I have not used it as recommended by the manufacturer. I do not like to leave poison on the surfaces of anything. I would take the plastic bottle caps and container caps and squeeze Advion into them. I put all these things where I saw cockroaches the day before. About a week later, I noticed that there were fewer cockroaches. I threw out the old covers and replaced them with new ones (again with bait). I did it weekly for about two months – it worked.
Price: ~ $20

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